When will the winners be announced?

All winners will be announced on our website by early April, 2018.

What are the prizes?

Grand Prize winners: $1,000 awarded to three photographers — Women Deliver will choose one photo from each country (China, India, and Nigeria)
Runners Up:  12 photographers will receive $250 — Women Deliver will choose 4 photos per country (China, India, and Nigeria) submission
For full details, see our rules

Who selects the winners?

Women Deliver and The World Diabetes Foundation will select all 15 winners. 

Will I be notified if I was NOT chosen as a finalist or winner?

No. Due to the large number of submissions, only the 15 winners will be notified of their status in March/April 2018.  

How many photos can I enter into the contest?

You may enter no more than 10 photographs.

How do I submit my photograph?

You can submit your photograph, online at diabetesinpregnancy.org/enter-your-photo. We do not accept entries submitted through the mail.

Can I enter if I don't live in China, India, or Nigeria?

Yes, the contest to open to all photographers.

Do I need release forms for people in my photo?

If they are recognizable, you must obtain a release form and provide it to the Women Deliver upon submitting your photos. You can download our release form here.

What size should my digital image be for uploading with the online entry form?

Photographs must be submitted in .jpeg, .jpg or .gif format, edited for web, at least 2,000 pixels wide and no larger than 10 MB. Photo contest images are judged on computer screens, which have a maximum resolution of 72dpi.

Mobile photographs are exempt from this size requirement, but must be submitted at their highest resolution.

Will you accept photos with watermarks?

We will always display a credit alongside your photo as it appears on the site. We do not accept photos with watermarks or descriptive text.

Is it OK to enter a photograph that has been on my website?

Yes, your photograph is eligible for submission.

I'm 17 years old. Can I enter the contest?

No, you need to be 18 as of March 1, 2018—the final day of submission—to qualify.

What rights to my photograph do I retain?

You retain your rights to your photograph; however, by entering the contest, entrants grant Women Deliver and The World Diabetes Foundation a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive license to display, distribute, reproduce and create derivative works of the entries, in whole or in part, in any media now existing or subsequently developed, for any educational, promotional, publicity, exhibition, archival,and all other standard Women Deliver purposes. Any photograph reproduced will include a photographer credit as feasible. Women Deliver will not be required to pay any additional consideration or seek any additional approval in connection with such uses.

Where can I send questions and feedback?

Please e-mail further questions to info@womendeliver.org 

Last updated: January 16, 2018